Eviqe x StrongMen

Eviqe x StrongMen

Eviqe donates 3% of profits to StrongMen

Who are they?

StrongMen is a registered charity providing support to men who have suffered bereavement.

What is StrongMen's mission?

To understand, support and improve the physical, mental health and vitality of men suffering from bereavement.

How do StrongMen do it?

The great outdoors provides the ultimate platform to engage with each other. By reconnecting with the outdoors and participating in a variety of physical activities aimed to create a sense of achievement and purpose. Just as importantly we create a safe, secure environment providing the opportunity to relax and talk with others suffering similar experiences able to empathise with each other.

You can learn more about StrongMen here

You can donate directly to StrongMen here

Download the StrongMen flyer here

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