5 Step Men's Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine


Do you regularly use a face wash?  Moisturise after shaving?  Or just leave it?  For some reason, skincare still has a bad reputation with men.  But why is this?  Is it still seen as “feminine” to protect your skin?  No!  It is not anti-masculine to take care of your skin, or to indulge in some self care, so allow us to show you the ways a skincare routine would benefit you, and how we have thought of the everyday man in our simple, essential skin care range.  

The Steps

You can certainly get fancier with it, but a complete skin-care routine has just five basic steps:

1. Facial Cleanser

2. Charcoal Face Mask

3. Eye Repair Gel

4. Anti Ageing Serum

5. Hydrating Facial Cream

Until this becomes second nature, write it down on a sticky note and place it on your bathroom mirror, or keep this list handy on your phone.

Let's get started

Firstly, a skin care routine is the perfect way to get yourself prepped for the day, or to wash the day off and wind down at night.  Just by taking five minutes to take care of your skin, you are giving yourself some time to reflect on your day, and in a day and age where time to be away from a screen or the chaos of every day life is hard to come by, you guarantee yourself a moment of peace twice a day.  

As well as self care and self indulgence being a big part of a skincare routine, it also has many practical benefits!  You can protect your skin from pollution, affects of travel, and harmful UV from the sun.  By creating a skincare routine, you will be creating a barrier of protection against all the things you come into contact with every day that are harmful for your skin.  Not to mention the anti-ageing benefits that come along with all of this!

Is there even a reason to NOT look after your skin?  We don’t think so.

Here at Eviqe, we have created a simple 5-step skin routine which is perfect for both beginners to start with, and experienced skincare users who are just looking for some new products to try.  It features a cleanser, a charcoal face mask, eye repair gel, anti ageing serum, and facial cream. 

Read on to find out about how these products will benefit you!  We understand that there is a lot of information out there, and an insane amount of products available for purchase, which is why we created this simple and straightforward set, full of the absolute essential products.

Step 1

First in your routine is the facial cleanser, made from organic aloe vera, eucalyptus, and pomegranate extract.  It will gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells, as well as eliminating unwanted oils and debris.  This is perfect for all skin types, is natural, and will leave your skin moisturised and exfoliated.  By using this product, you are creating a blank canvas for the next products to go onto, as well as removing dirt from your skin, making breakouts less likely!  When your skin is clean, you’re ready for step 2.

Step 2

The charcoal face mask cleanses, purifies, and exfoliates, without stripping your skin of the essential oils your skin produces to stay moisturised.  As well as this, it reduces congestion in the skin so reduces breakouts, and reduces redness.  The mask is organic and natural, so is safe for all skin types, too!  It should be used once a week for optimal results, no need to cleanse so deeply too often!

Step 3

Step three is our eye repair gel.  This type of product is often overlooked, but it definitely shouldn’t be.  Made with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin A, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and will prevent new ones from appearing.  It will also reduce visible pores and even out any discolouration.  Use it morning and night after cleansing for optimal results!

Step 4

Next, you should go in with our anti-ageing serum.  Instantly after application, it works to activate your skin’s ability to repair old tissue and dying cells.  After applying to dry skin, the serum will begin to reduce pore size, even and brighten your skin tone, reduce the appearance of scars and pigmentation, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  All of these benefits in one bottle.  Apply to clean skin morning and night for the best results, and start to notice your skin changing!

Step 5

Finally, you need to lock in all these products with some moisture.  Our hydrating facial cream is filled with vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, and is suitable for all skin types.  Moisturising may seem basic, but it is very important.  Not only does it hydrate your skin, it will also reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, promote firmer and brighter skin, and improve elasticity in skin, so prevents more wrinkles from appearing!  Skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated while the hydrating facial cream helps to keep all the goodness you have just applied working perfectly.  Never skip this step!

So, there you have it.  A 5-step skincare routine for the every day guy, suitable for all skin types, and all levels of experience.  Hopefully by reading this, you can understand how simple it is to take care of your skin and the importance of keeping your skin clean, healthy, and fresh.  As well as that, we hope you can see how simple skincare truly is!  We created this stripped-back, essential set for the everyday man, and hope we can help you to start treating your skin well.

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