The best products for a slick hairstyle

The best products for a slick hairstyle

The slick back, or undercut, originated back in the early 1900s where it remained relatively popular until the 1940s. Originally, this style was representative of the lower class because lower-skilled barbers couldn’t appropriately blend the sides of the hair to match the top.

To counter this, they simply buzzed the sides super short and slicked back the top to keep things nice and clean. The style was re-popularized in the early 1980s when Grease was released in 1978 with a young, handsome John Travolta at the forefront.

Now that you know the history for the style, here are the 5 best products for pulling off the slick’ look:

1. Pomade

If you are going to make the slick back a permanent look in your arsenal, pomade is a must have. Just look at G-Eazy, an American rapper who commonly rocks a slick back; he always has pomade with him to keep his hair looking fresh.

Eviqe’s Hardcore Pomade provides an extra-strong hold and enhanced control of how shiny your hair will be. If you hate the feeling of product in your hair, you do not have to worry about pomade. Pomade does not dry out and will not harden on your head. The style will be locked in place while your hair stays nice and moisturized.

To apply the product correctly, take a pea-size amount of the product and rub it into your fingers. Work the product in from the back to the front evenly; make sure to apply the product on both the roots and tips. You can add more product as needed and shape the hair to your liking. Using a comb makes the shaping process significantly easier.

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2. Sea Salt Spray

When it comes to achieving a hairstyle full of volume and texture, sea salt spray is the king. Tons of dudes are turned off by the slick back because it is too shiny. To prevent excess shine with a slicked look, they use sea salt spray because it provides a matte finish. Another benefit of this product is that it revives flat, tired hair to a healthier appearance.

For the best results, shake the bottle and apply it to slightly damp hair. Next, blow-dry the hair back and comb as needed to achieve the specific look.

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3. Hair Clay

Sometimes the hold-strength of the sea salt spray is not enough. To fix this, we can still achieve a matte look by using grooming clay. Grooming clay provides plenty of volume and texture without all the shine that accompanies pomade.

Clay is also advantageous for those with super long, stubborn hair. As someone that represents that category, clay is just about the only thing that will successfully hold back my hair. For the best results, apply the product to mostly dry hair and work it in evenly. Once applied, you can use a comb or brush to shape the hair how you want it.

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4. Shampoo X Conditioner

Alright, hear me out, you do not paint a million-pound painting on a pound store canvas. Hair is the same way; having a quality combination of shampoo and conditioner is crucial for healthy, modifiable hair. While most hair styling products are hair-healthy, they can have a lasting effect that dries out and flattens hair.

To fix an unhealthy hair-canvas, Eviqe’s shampoo and conditioner combo will work to revitalize your hair after each styling. Both products are designed to remove impurities in the hair and adequately moisturize your follicles.

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5. Volumising Powder

For a lot of men, styling your hair with a powder substance sounds almost foreign. “You’re telling me, I can achieve a slicked hairstyle by using… a powder?” Yes, you read that correctly. Eviqe’s Volumising Dust provides you with a relatively strong hold and a matte finish.

To use this product efficiently, apply to dry hair, and live by the ‘a little goes a long way’ mantra. It helps to initially mess up your hair with the powder to evenly distribute the product throughout. To finish the look, simply use a comb and work your hair into the desired style.

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