The Key To The Perfect Beard? The Right Beard Moisturiser


There are few parts of a man’s body that offer a strong, impressive look than a finely-tuned beard. Whether its a tight-cut stubble or impressive neck-mane, a beard can be a valuable asset to a man’s fashion and sex appeal - or it can be a dry, stubbly, itchy nuisance.

Many men desire to have a strong, full, healthy beard that others envy, yet when they try to grow their facial hair out to the desired length, they are rewarded with nothing but dry skin, stubbly hairs, and an itchy (or sometimes even painful) face throughout the day.

So how do the professional facial hair masters do it? The answer to a full, rich beard is more simple than many men may expect, and with a simple addition to their daily routine, they can quickly and effectively tame the beast of the beard and see the results they’ve always desired. The secret? The right moisturiser for their beard!


You may not realize it, but your hair is actually just an extension of your skin. That’s right - your hair is made up of the same material as your skin, extending from hair follicles and oiled by your sebaceous gland. As the hair grows longer, your sebaceous gland may not be able to keep the hair fully and properly oiled - thus the experience of dry, weak, and itchy beard hair.

Other factors that lead to weak and itchy beard hair (as well as itchy hair anywhere) can range from:

  • Working in cold environments that dry out your skin and hair
  • Washing with hot water that can quickly wash off the helpful oil that the sebaceous gland excretes
  • Excessive brushing or using harsh products that dry out your skin
  • Stress and lack of good sleep that affects your hormone levels


The life of a man is a harsh one. It can be difficult to ensure that you are always doing the right thing to protect your beard and ensure that the environment is right to encourage good, healthy growth. While there are many uncontrollable elements to your life, there are a few things you can implement right now to make sure that your beard continues to grow strong and healthy:

First, brush your beard daily with a beard-approved brush. By brushing prior to cleaning, you remove microscopic debris and allow for the natural oils to take their full effect. As you wash your beard, avoid using harsh, hot water that can prevent sebaceous gland from excreting the necessary oil to energize your beard hair. Finally, finish every beard wash with a moisturising regimen with a moisturiser that is created specifically for beards.

Best Beard Moisturiser


For many men, the beard-care regimen looks like: wash, dry, and move on. However, this quick clean will never allow your beard to grow as strong and healthy as you desire. The key to controlling a beastly beard and encouraging a strong and healthy growth is by adding a beard moisturiser to your daily routine.

When it comes to choosing a moisturiser for your beard, buy a product that is created specifically for the unique needs of a beard, and is manufactured with safe, organic products. A beard moisturiser such as the Beard Moisturiser Bleu Noir will ensure the sensitive areas of the beard and skin underneath is well moisturised with each use. The product also offers soothing properties that calm any irritation or redness in the process of beard care. Check out Eviqe’s full line of beard, face, and hair care for great options to care for your entire body.

With a proper beard moisturiser in your skin and hair-care arsenal, you can ensure that your beard will gain that sexy, strong look that you desire, while keeping it healthy as long as you choose to sport it! Your face will thank you!

Get your beard moisturiser.

What do you think? Did you add the Eviqe beard moisturiser to your daily routine? Let us know your experience, and follow Eviqe online for more great products, tips, and tricks for styling men’s hair.


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