The Top 10 Mens Medium Hairstyles: The Best Medium Haircuts For Men

Mens Medium Hairstyles

Going for a medium length haircut is one of the most fashionable looks today. 

Medium length hairstyles are becoming more and more popular, and there’s so much you can do with them. Even those men used to short haircuts are trying to grow it out for a bit of volume and style on the top.

Here are the top ten mens medium hairstyles you can try.

Short back and sides with long on the top

Short back and sides with long on the top

This is the classic natural looking medium haircut. You can create waves of long hair that contrast with the shorter back and sides. With this style you get a clean faded back and sides with a long wavey style on the top.

Use a tiny bit of wax rubbed into your palms and comb it into your hair after a shower. Then add a couple of sprays to keep it tight and fresh all day. 

Spikey low fade haircut

Spikey low fade haircut

This is a simple hair cut and perfect for medium length hair. You get the sides and back faded down to a zero and keep it long at the top for a high spike look.

After wetting your hair, let it air dry and use some hairspray to let it settle nicely. When it’s dry, use some wax to create the spikes and your hair will pop with a thick volume. Finish up with some hairspray to keep it all together.

Brushed Back Medium Style

Brushed Back Medium Style

This classic look is another long on the top, blended into short on the sides and back. You keep the back and sides longer so it blends nicely with the top, and then you brush back everything for clean looking wave.

This creates a modern stylish look that's smooth from every angle and feels sleek. It’s perfect for the professional and a very clean approach to medium length hair.

Grown Out Messy Look

Grown Out Messy Look

This is a great style for those with longer medium hairstyles. Simply let your hair grow out a bit and let it fall all over the place for a natural messy look. Wash and blow dry so your hair falls mostly to one side and use a round brush to get cute little wisps of curly hair at the ends.

This creates a naturally looking messy style which gives you the look that you’re not even trying. This is a confident look, so wear it with your chin up and chest out.

Undercut Combover Medium hair Style

Undercut Comb over Medium Style

This brave look is modern and requires a deep undercut on the sides and back. Buzzed sides to the top, with a longer style on the top which can be brushed over. The hair will hang naturally over one side, showing off the stylish undercut.

Finish off this rockstar look with a thick beard which will contrast the undercut and tell the world you’re not to be messed with.

Medium Length undercut

Medium Length undercut

The classic version of the undercut. This ties in perfectly with medium length hair on the top. There are many ways to play with the classic undercut, you can let it hang to the side, split it just off center for a comfortable look, or sleek it back for a more professional style.

Soft and Spikey

Soft and Spikey

Hard hair with tough waxes and gels are out, and softer hair is back in fashion. Today, people want soft hair you can run your fingers through and blow naturally in the wind. This soft and spikey style requires a little hairspray to create the spikes, and blends with short layered back and sides.

This messy but casual look shows that you're not trying too hard, and you can curl it back or brush it to the side for a soft, natural and casual look that appears less tended to.

Clean Medium Length Haircut

Clean Medium Length Look

This style never goes out of fashion. It’s not an undercut or a fade so it’s not ‘modern’, it is however a timeless cut and looks good on every occasion.

Simply layer your haircut so it’s thick all over and cleanly trimmed at the bottom and around the ears. It should be evenly cut, so it looks medium all the way around, and slightly longer at the top.

This classic style is usually worn slightly parted to one side and brushed back at the top and sides. The top can wave over to one side to complete a classic style, or left to hang naturally for a confident manly look.

 Wave Combover Fade

Wave Combover Fade

With a fade on the sides and back and a big wave at the top, this style looks like a wave crashing over the ocean. This surfer style look requires a medium length on the top with a clean brushed wave that goes from one side all the way over.

To get this style, after your shower, dry your hair to one side. Then when it’s almost dry, flip it to the opposite side, so it has a popped volume and looks like a crashing wave. Use a couple of sprays to keep this volume in place and you’ll achieve this cool, sexy medium length style.

Medium Pompadour with undercut

Medium Pompadour with undercut

This classic modern look requires a goofy pompadour on the top with a deep fade undercut on the sides. This is an edgy and stylish look and shows a modern fashionable style.

The pompadour is a great look you can get with medium length hair on the top. Just blow dry for volume and brush back, then use some hairspray to keep it in place.

Curly Coils Medium Haircut

Bonus Style for Curly Coils

If you’ve got curly hair and want to play into this unique strength, then try this style. Cut the short and back with a faded undercut or blended look and leave your natural curls on top. Let your sexy coils fall naturally into place for this easy and cute style.

This look goes great with a thick beard as the curls, the undercut and the beard create a manly contrast.

These are just some of the many looks you can use for medium length hairstyles for men. Enjoy rocking that modern look and wear it with confidence.

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