The Unexpected Benefits Of Grooming For Men

The Unexpected Benefits Of Grooming For Men

Call it correlation or causation, but there seems to be an undeniable connection between a man’s overall success and how attractive they are. While we will admit that “being attractive” is a metric held in the eye of the beholder, numerous studies carried out over the years continue to draw a line from high-quality grooming and success for men.

Granted, being a well-groomed man may come from increased success. Perhaps as expectations and income rise for many men, so too do the access to grooming products and services. Either way, you cut it, there are clear benefits for men that take the time to ensure that they are well-groomed.

If you are a man looking to gain a competitive edge over your peers, or are simply looking for another way to increase your personal development, here are six benefits that instilling a grooming routine with quality grooming products can bring you.

The Science Of Attractiveness

Before we jump to our list of benefits, we hear you, skeptics. While attraction alone can’t promise success - we all know that great-looking jerk in the office that the universe seemed to reward for no reason - scientific studies have shown over time that men who invest in their self-grooming and beauty experience higher rates of success than their shaggy and unkempt counterparts.

The study of attractiveness - known in the economic world as pulchronomics - is a scientific field led by researchers such as Daniel Hamermesh. In his studies of the connection between success and looks considered to be “attractive” by most people, Hamermesh discovered that men who were considered “well-groomed” were found to earn almost 13% more income in their lifetime. Similar studies revealed that men who invested in their hair and style were experienced greater success in landing jobs, even in tough economic times.

Pulchronomic studies have shown an interesting correlation between looks and success, with achievement being enjoyed through the culmination of the following seven benefits:

6 Benefits Of Investing In Your Grooming

  1. Increased Confidence

Men who invest in their grooming find that they are more confident overall in their personal and work lives, knowing that taking the time to care for themselves at the beginning of the day has already accomplished a mighty task for the day. Now they are ready to conquer anything in their path.

  1. Contagious Self-Esteem

Similar to confidence, men who have a sense that they look pleasant and successful enjoy a common benefit of positive thinking - higher levels of self-esteem. This increased self-esteem can lead to an increase in social mobility, relationships, and earning potential that others want to be near and emulate.

  1. Healthy Productivity

Have you ever noticed that when you feel dirty, you can’t seem to focus on anything other than getting in a good shower? For men who invest in their grooming and take care to build a consistent hair care routine, a higher rate of focus and productivity is experienced. This can lead to new opportunities, increased earning potential, and countless other benefits!

  1. Increased Notice From Peers & Partners

Need we even bring up this benefit? Well-groomed men are more likely to experience the benefits of an increased social presence among both their peers and potential partners. Science shows that individuals who are clean and easy on the eyes are more likely to draw others into their sphere of influence.

  1. New Leadership Opportunities

Men who care for their skin, hair, and fashion are more likely to experience increased leadership opportunities in their work and personal lives. History shows that people desire to follow others that look successful and give them a goal to work toward. Become the leader of tomorrow by putting place a grooming routine today.

  1. Healthy, Ageless Skin & Hair

Using a regimen of hair and skin care products that can help you slow the effects of aging and even reverse some of the damage caused by wear and tear of everyday life. If you want to maintain your youthful appearance and ensure that others see you as vibrant and thriving, instill a grooming routine that uses products proven to reverse aging and provide health to your skin and hair.

Reap The Rewards Of Real Grooming

Here’s the sad truth when it comes to your biology - you can’t change the genetics that you inherited from your family - yet. However, while you wait for science to take a giant leap forward in helping us alter our genetic codes for better looks, you can take a few easy steps to ensure that your looks take you a step or two ahead in your business and personal life. From getting ample sleep and exercise, putting a healthy diet in place, and investing in high-quality grooming and hair care products can help ensure that you look your best every day.

At Eviqe, our team of men’s grooming experts has carefully crafted a variety of products to help men look their best for any occasion. Our line of beard, hair, and fragrance products are safe, environmentally friendly, and proven to help men achieve a look of success that culminates in real-world achievement. Don’t let a poor grooming routine keep you from reaching your full potential. Head over to Eviqe online and learn how you can enjoy the benefits of a quality grooming.

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