What types of hair products are available for Men?

styling products for men's hair

If you are a man with a thick head of hair, you may not be aware of the number of hair products for men that are specifically manufactured and marketed to not only provide styling options but increased health and vitality. There are many ways that hair products can be used in your hair, and the best way to begin using these incredible products is by adding various types together in a daily hair-care regimen.

There is an ever-growing list of men’s haircare products on the market, with a variety of material and purposes:

  • Volumising Powder & Spray
  • Hair Sprays
  • Sea Salt Sprays
  • Hair Wax
  • Hair Paste & Clays
  • Hair Pomades
  • Hair Gels
  • Thickening Tonics

Typically, the kinds of men’s hair products are split into three areas: pre-stylers, stylers, and finishers. Used together, these products can help you achieve nearly any hairstyle you desire while keeping your hair healthy and nourished every day. Let’s take a look at some of the best hair products for men on the market today.

Pre Styler


True to their name, pre-styler products are added to the hair before adding any type of styling or finishing product (featured below).

Pre-stylers are often made to bring nutrients and moisture to the hair to keep it healthy and vibrant regardless of the styling products you use. Many men don’t know that pre-stylers exist, and adding these to your daily repertoire of hair products will do wonders for your hair’s health and style ability.

Common Pre-Styler products include:

Sea-Salt Sprays

  • Give a natural and textured look and feel to hair by recreating the effects that sea salt offers after a day at the beach - healthy color and vibrancy.

Learn about the benefits of Sea Salt Spray

Thickening Tonic

  • A tonic that binds to the root of the hair that often comes in the form of a paste, offering increased hold and thickness to the hair when used consistently.

Volumising Powder

  • Volumising Powders give your hair a thick, full look by providing health and lift at the roots of the hair in a similar way to thickening tonic.

    There are many brands and versions of pre-stylers out on the market today. If you are wanting to get started using pre-stylers in your daily hair regimen, consider adding the Eviqe Sea Salt Spray and Volumising Dust to your hair before styling to add health and strength.

    Products For Styling Men’s Hair

    When it comes time to give your hair your signature style, the perfect product can give you the look you are going for while keeping hair healthy and vibrant. Usually, products for styling will be known for three characteristics:

    • It’s shine in the hair once added
    • The strength of hold that the product gives to the style
    • The ease of molding the hair when product is added

    Typically, men’s hair styling products are known as pomades, gels, and wax.

    Gels will give a high rate of shine and will give darker hair a wet look that is reminiscent of classic looks.

    Waxes will offer more of a matte effect, absorbing light and allowing the style to hold without much shine.

    Pomades are lower in the hold-scale and will allow hair to be styled while giving natural movement and flow throughout the day.

    The various products meet the needs of various types of hair and desired styles. Learning how to use all products to achieve different looks will grant you more control over your hair’s styling, and open up many more options for hairstyles that complement your face shape and style. Consider products such as the Eviqe Grooming Clay, Defining Creme, and Texture Paste to achieve various style outcomes with quality ingredients that reach desired levels of shine, hold, and mould ability.

    Finishing Products

    The best way to finish styling for a long-lasting look that will weather any activity is to use a high-quality finishing product. While you could cut the corner and throw in some hair spray, finding and utilizing a product that is engineered for finishing is the best bet to ensure that the look stays put no matter what you put your hair through.

    For a great finished look, consider the Eviqe Hardcore Pomade or Fibre Gum, both great for encouraging hair to stay put while adding the nutrients and oils that keep hair healthy. While many holding hair sprays will do the job for a while, they can dry out and damage hair with repetitive use. A quality finishing hair product will keep your hair healthy for repeated styling day after day.

    What do you think? Did you try out any of the above products for men’s hair styling? Let us know your experience, and follow Eviqe Journal for more great products, tips, and tricks for styling men’s hair.

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