About us

The brand Eviqe was conceived as an idea in 2019, after testing 100's of different formulations.
We were fed up with companies that produce men's grooming products that don't respect any safety and quality standards, offering poor, and potentially, dangerous products.
Being able to assess the quality and performance of competitive products, our company teamed up with suppliers that shared a similar vision with us: to offer a superior product to the modern gentleman, with great performance, top quality and outstanding scent.
It took us more than a year to complete all necessary tests, sort out the most premium blends and decide upon the best products that will leave no man displeased.
Our vision is to offer unique, premium products for beard grooming, hair styling and colognes that allow men to upgrade their daily grooming routine, their appearance and ultimately improve their self-confidence.
This one of a kind product offering always comes with our tremendous respect and gratitude towards every single customer that puts their faith and support in our company. Without our customer's trust we would be nowhere near where we are today.
When we design and produce a product we first put ourselves in our customer's shoes in order to understand the expectations one has from a company. Every hair styling product, every beard oil, beard balm, and beard shampoo has been thoroughly tested and produced under strict safety and quality control that delivers a high quality, superior performance and safe experience. We feel obliged to offer you nothing less than the best.